PRP is a Quick Solution for Hair Recovery

At Hair Treatments Vancouver we also perform a very efficient procedure called Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration (PRP). Ideal for men with male patterned baldness and those who begin to see a bit of hair loss, are perfect for PRP and they will indeed see good results. It is also perfect for women with thinning hair.

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Upon visiting our  office, and one of our specialists will take sample of your blood. It  will then  be placed in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes. This process will isolate platelets in your blood, and multiply them many times over. This is a crucial step because the platelets will help you get your hair back.

We will cover your head with anesthesia. It is a very painless process supervised with our trusted professionals. Once completed, we will then take the platelets and insert them into your head.

Upon completion we then rinse off your head and your done.  Your body will begin the process along with the  platelets to repair your hair follicle cells. Each repaired follicle results in more hair on your head. And in a short time,  you will grow back whatever hair you have been missing. PRP is a safe procedure with no surgery or follow up required.

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