PRP is a Quick Solution for Hair Recovery

At Hair Treatments Vancouver we also perform a very efficient procedure called Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration (PRP). Ideal for men with male patterned baldness and those who begin to see a bit of hair loss, are perfect for PRP and they will indeed see good results. It is also perfect for women with thinning hair.

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Upon visiting our  office, and one of our specialists will take sample of your blood. It  will then  be placed in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes. This process will isolate platelets in your blood, and multiply them many times over. This is a crucial step because the platelets will help you get your hair back.

We will cover your head with anesthesia. It is a very painless process supervised with our trusted professionals. Once completed, we will then take the platelets and insert them into your head.

Upon completion we then rinse off your head and your done.  Your body will begin the process along with the  platelets to repair your hair follicle cells. Each repaired follicle results in more hair on your head. And in a short time,  you will grow back whatever hair you have been missing. PRP is a safe procedure with no surgery or follow up required.

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The ARTAS System for Accurate Results

The ARTAS System was developed with leading hair transplant physicians and researchers. The system utilizes state-of-the-art robotic technology to assist physicians with difficult, manual methods that require repetitive and precise movements which can increase the risk of human error.

It is a clinically proven, permanent solution that provides natural results without stitches, staples, linear scarring and damage to existing hair.

THE RESULT: Precise, accurate graft dissection and placement so the procedure is virtually undetectable. Patients can expect natural-looking results without the side effects and long recovery times typical of traditional procedures.

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What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

People associate hair loss with receding hairlines and thinning hair. When we think of men, we think of hair loss. Most men definitely do experience hair loss and balding more than women.

However, women also lose hair and according to a new studies 20 percent of women in the United Kingdom above the age of 25 suffer from exactly that. The percentage of women with hair thinning is much larger than is commonly thought. Unfortunately, most women haven’t done anything to address their problem as they feel most times feel embarrassed to seek professional help.

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Does Balding Age You Faster?

Scientists say that baldness makes you look at least eight years older than you actually are.

A Clinic a hair transplant center in Manchester, England, surveyed large groups of people for a study. They began this study by presenting the group in question with a selection of photos of test subjects. These test subjects each had a unique physical look. Group would guess how old these people were, and then the difference between the estimate and the actual age would be recorded.

There are a lot of theories out there about what causes hair loss some of them are true and others are complete myths. It is best to consult a Doctor of Hair treatment specialist for more precise information on the subject of hair loss and available treatments.

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Can Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

There are a lot of people who believe that wearing a hat may cause hair loss. Some of them are true, others are complete myths.  There is a lot of misinformation on this topic and its always best to consult a doctor or hair treatment specialist.

If you consistently wear an extremely tight hat, you could experience traction alopecia (gradual hair loss resulting from repetitive pulling or tension of hair).

So if you ever take off your hat and find some hair left behind, don’t be alarmed. It’s much more likely that this hair has already shed from your head and is sticking to the hat.

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Hair Treatment SCAMS

Losing your hair is worrisome in itself, and the last thing you need is to get involved with a hair treatment clinic that does not deliver good results. Beware as some clinics will try to capitalize on poor performing products.

At Hair Treatments Vancouver we work hard at getting your hair looking as natural as possible with little to less time and effort on the part of our clients.

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